Pricing Hardware

Everyone can pick and choose what kind of hardware they will be using for OOHBoard. You can mix various components to build your custom hardware. Our player can be built using components that are readily available to everyone. If you have trouble accessing these components in your country, we can ship you our own pre-built hardware.


free DIY basic OOHBoard Indoor advanced ​​​​​​OOHBoard Outdoor most popular
Board RASPBERRY Pi 3B+/4 OOHBoard HW OOHBoard HW
Storage SD Card +16GB Class 10 included included
PSU Micro USB Type-B 5V 2.5A DC included included
Camera Indoor camera included IP camera included
Price 60-130 EUR 490 EUR 790 EUR


Free digital signage player
Receive a free digital signage player through which you can control the content played on all of your screens.
 Measured viewership
Thanks to the device built-in camera, you can now get to know your customers and see who is looking at what kind of ad.
Cloud portal
Store all of your files, visual content and reports on our cloud. You can access the cloud by using your mobile device or PC.
Central screen management
Manage all of your screens from one location, either via our in-browser interface or through our app for mobile devices.
Reports and Statistics
Gain valuable marketing insights from on-demand reports and live statistics that are based on information gained from player or through the device’s camera.
Sell free capacities
Do you have surplus screen time on your devices? Offer them to other clients and earn money in the process.